About Us

byusing.com is a B2C website especially for the housewives. The categories and products in byusing.com are picked out just for them, our target users. They can buy clothes, kitchen applications, baby & kids' products, etc in byusing.com. Furthermore, we provide price comparison service to enhance their purchasing EQ. We also have the promotion plan. We will cooperate with those women favorite websites, such as mothersclicks.com, etc. We will try our best to attract the users to come here. At the same time, we will also develop the community to make them stay here much more time.

Our Mission

We help people save time and money. Our goal is to make the online shopping experience easy and pleasant. Users of www.byusing.com continually tell us that they love the site because they love saving money. We value our customers and are dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information and service.

Contact Us

We welcome any questions or comments you have about www.byusing.com. please direct them to our contact form.


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